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What are the elements of a high converting landing page

You may have a visually appealing landing page, but is it one that converts well? We enjoy creating beautiful work, but at Responsory, we prioritize sensible, fact-based design.

That means we’re designing for results, not looks, and flashy photographs and funny art don’t always equate to greater results.

A landing page is a specialized page that has been created to achieve a specific goal in mind. The purpose is usually to gather the user’s contact information.

It could also be to download a PDF, sign up for a webinar, or making a payment. The landing page should be exclusively focused on the goal, whatever it is.

Here are 7 highly influential elements of a high-converting landing page:

A captivating headline

This is likely to be the first and last thing visitors read. The headline determines whether you win or lose. The goal is to summarize the benefits you’re providing users in a single statement.

Instead of talking about features, focus on what people can accomplish with your product. Make the user the center of attention.

You should devote the same amount of attention to this single element as you did to the rest of the landing page.

Why? Because over 90% of users who read your headline will also read your CTA, according to the study.

A stellar offer

Even if you have the nicest landing page in the world, if your offer is terrible, users will not convert.

high converting landing page

If you want to increase the number of people who subscribe to your blog, you should give something away for free, such as an in-depth guide on your selected topic.

If you want people to sign up for your webinar, you’ll have to explain why it’s so great. What will the user gain from your knowledge, and how will this benefit them?

Because the copy for your offer will be the second thing users read after the title, make sure it flows well.

Eye-catching images

Some users will skip over your headline. However, if they see an image that resonates with them, they may be encouraged to return to the landing page.

However, don’t just use any old stock photo. Consider your photo as a second headline. Make it compelling by emphasizing your product or service, as well as the benefit to the user, if at all possible.

A sweet video

What’s better than pictures, in your opinion? Video! How many words does a video say if a picture says a thousand? T ┬áten thousand? Is it a million?

However many it is, videos are a great way to increase conversion rates. According to research conducted by Eye View Digital, integrating video on landing pages can increase conversions by 86 percent.

Trust indicators

These can range from customer feedback and reviews to industry credentials and logos.

This is especially critical if your landing page’s purpose is to persuade users to purchase a product. Even if you’re merely attempting to increase email signups, using trust indicators on your landing page is a good idea.

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